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We are currently accepting review requests, but there may be a slight delay in responding to your requests, as we have two blogs and things can get a little crazy, balancing all other aspects of them. It doesn't mean you have been ignored or forgotten, your message will be replied to, regardless of whether we accept, it just sometimes takes some time to reply.
Many thanks for your patience. 

Before requesting, please check the accepted genres, to be sure we review the genre your book falls into. 

Also, there is sometimes a wait, due to the amount of review requests the blog has already received. So please state in your message, when you would like a review posted by, so we can check if the time frame is possible. 

Thanks for reading this, Louise. 


Seraphim Book Reviews is a Contemporary Romance book blog.
We will read most genres, although we would have to decline any:

Non Romantic Crime/Suspense/Mystery
Historical Fiction
Religious Fiction
Non Fiction 

*There is nothing wrong with these genres at all, it's just not something we feel we could give a true and fair review on, as we don't enjoy them as much as other genres.*

Genres enjoyed by this Blog:

Contemporary Romance
New Adult Romance
Dark Erotica
Dark Romance
Romantic Thriller
Erotic Thriller 
Dark Erotic Thriller
Romantic Suspense/Crime/Mystery
Young Adult Romance (Would need more details, before agreeing)

(If you are uncertain as to whether we would read your book, please send us an email, with a synopsis, or some details, and we'll get back to you.)

Please send us an email if you would like us to take a look at anything. If it is a genre that we read, We promise to read within a reasonable time scale and give an honest and fair review. Which will then be posted on this blog, Goodreads, Amazon, plus a link on the Facebook & Twitter pages.

We also accept Beta reading requests, in the above accepted genres. Please send an email, if you would like to talk more about this. 

Thanks, Louise & the team.  :) xx


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