Meet The Team.

(Owner/Reviewer/Blogger @ Seraphim Book Reviews)

Hi, I'm Louise, and I'm from the UK!

My addiction to reading started right back when I started getting lost in the world of The Famous Five. Yes, I would dream I was the silent 6th member of that team. Not always so silent either.
It carried on that way through many different fads. Till I decided my favourite author was Virginia Andrews and would read her huge and lengthy novels back to back throughout my long summer holidays. I still love her books even now, up to a certain point.
Anyway, forward on many, (ahem) many years and here I am. A full time mummy to 3 gorgeous yet exhausting kids, and my husband (the biggest kid) ;) 
Reading is my total escapism from all things normal and crazy. I love to get stuck into as many books as possible and quite a few different genres too. All books that I read will always have 1 thing in common, be it a paranormal, YA, NA, Adult, Erotica or even Dark Erotica. They all must have some intense and heart stopping romance in them. I'll take that romance in all different forms, but I have to have some or I'd be quite upset. Very upset actually. I don't ask a lot I think. :)
So, this is me, and this is my blog. Which is a mix up of all sorts of book reviews all with a dollop of lovin' in. :)

(Guest Reviewer & Admin for Seraphim Book Reviews)

Hiya! My name is Jennifer and I live in Florida in the USA! 

I am a book addict as I am sure many of you are as well. 
I am engaged to my wonderful boyfriend of five years,
and we have two furbabies, Leo (dog) and Menchi (cat). 
When I am not reading, I work with a prevention program in a child welfare agency designed to help prevent children from entering the foster system. 
Back to my obsession, I read at least one book a day. I will read almost any kind of book as long as it has some element of romance in it. 
Some women have a collection of shoes, but my collection has always been and will always be books. =]
I hope y’all appreciate and love books as much as I do. Xoxo Jennifer

(Guest Reviewer) 
Hi! My name is Heather from Pennsylvania (USA)  

In my spare time I love to read! 
I will give anything a try, however my favorite genres are Romance-contemporary, erotica, historical. This past year I've gotten into Christian fiction. 
I remember my love of reading started when I read the book   Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell in school many many years ago! 
I'm one of those people that judge a book by it's cover (sorry if this offends anyone) - I hardly ever read the blurb! 
Sometimes it works and I'm blown away and only a few times the book was just ok.   
I'm a full time mother of 2 kids so that's where most of my time is spent.
I'm super excited to be apart of this blog, helping out Louise and talking to the other ladies!!!

(Guest Reviewer)

Hey! I'm Johnaka from the USA. 

I am a married mother of two and a book addict. 
I can read anywhere from one to four books a day depending on time. 
I read anything Romance and Mystery.